Take the Best Taxi Services in Mumbai During Your Vacation

When arriving at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport(otherwise known as Mumbai airport), you have a choice whether to get a train as an interstate connection or to get a prepaid taxi service.

There’s also the option of other taxis if they have access to the airport which might be restricted. Usually, it’s best to get a prepaid taxi where it’s clearer about what the real cost of the trip will be.

Getting Transport Around Mumbai

There are different ways to get transported around Mumbai when you’re staying there for a period of days, weeks or longer.


The first way is grabbing an autorickshaw. These ride around frequently and are easy to get. They have established meters now and should be reset to the flag fall minimum amount for a journey which is usually around 22 INR. The night time rate is 25 percent more expensive which is perfectly understandable and applies from midnight to 5AM only.

Street Taxi

The second way is a taxi which can be flagged down in the street. These also run on a meter with a minimum flag fall rate when getting in. If a driver refuses to use the meter, this is illegal. Just get out and find another taxi. Some taxis may not wish to go on a short or longer journey; it may take one or two tries to find an amenable taxi driver to go where you want, reset the meter and use it for your journey to avoid an inflated fixed price.My City taxi one of the largest taxi services in Amritsar and India, just booked taxi from Amritsar and go to Mumbai. This is more the case as a foreign than a local.

Booked Taxi

The third way to use a direct taxi service where a taxi is specifically booked online. This might be through a website or an app. Uber is in India, as is Ola Cabs. Both are reliable and base their charges on the meter. The service tends to be better because some reviews can be posted to let customers understand ahead of time which drivers are safer and stick to the meter, and those that do not.taxi services

Safety Tips

Either keep your luggage in the back seat with you or in the trunk if there is one. Do not place your bags in the front seat while seated in the back. There is a risk that a driver might open the bag and remove one or more items without you seeing it (there have been several reports that this has happened). Also, someone outside the vehicle can open the door and take the bag too quickly for the driver to stop them.

Do not pay for gasoline if the driver stops to fill-up. You cannot judge how much the gasoline will be used and they may end up with more gasoline left over while you paid the gas bill. It may also cause a conflict or confusion about what to pay as the final balance when deducting the gas bill. Keep it simple. The driver pays for gas and you pay for the meter cost. Don’t pay in advance either.

There are meter reading apps that can confirm the current value on the meter if you find it difficult to read from a distance.